Edition 10

Beautiful and practical

Distance, a relative concept

“The length of the tract in a straight line (in the ordinary Euclidean space, or else the tract of the the geodetic line) which joins two dots (and is identified by the concept of the shortest path between them), or, more generically, the length of the path between two places, objects, people”. This is the first definition of the word “distance” in the “Treccani” dictionary.

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Specialising in interior design... even remotely

Apiùstudio has put at play extensive experience matured over the last few years in terms of custom-designed apartments, i.e. “interior design” to provide its clients with an increasingly more exclusive service aimed at rendering an apartment unique and suitable for the demands of those living it.

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Sea view

The project is about the construction of a single-family villa in Montescudo from scratch. Another interesting planning challenge for Roberta Franchini and Daniele Bianchi.

Ancient and modern

This project foresees the renovation of a house in Borgo San Giuliano (in Rimini). Apiùstudio has been entrusted with the concept, while the work will be carried out by others.

A dream holiday

Tanja and Antonia are two Swiss ladies who have fallen in love with Rimini and decided to buy their holiday home in Federico Fellini’s hometown, with its Augustus Arch and Tiberius Bridge.