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Power wears out those who do not have it… and those who do

We often tend to give a derogatory connotation to the term “politics” perhaps due to the unflattering opinion we havev held over the years of Italian politicians (but not only them). The word derives from politikḗ in ancient Greek (“attaining to a pÓlis,”a city-state), implying téchnē (“art” or “technique”); in full: “art attaining a city-state.”

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Two projects in collaboration with A.S.P. Valloni Marecchia

Long ago Apiustudio S.r.l. design studio transformed itself and now deals mostly with complex projects. “We got to the point when even minor things required the involvement of important professionals– architects Daniele Bianchi and Roberta Franchini explain.

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Estate Turchetta

Trasformare una vecchia casa colonica in una struttura funzionale che possa ospitare persone con difficoltà psicologiche. È il progetto “Podere Turchetta”, affidato dall’A.S.P. Valloni Marecchia ad Apiustudio S.r.l.

I Tigli Residence

A centre for social functions in the heart of Rimini. “Casa dei Tigli” is a project A.S.P. Valloni entrusted with Apiustudio S.r.l. The building is situated in the courtyard of the Servi Church, in the historical centre of Rimini, a stone’s throw from the Tiberius bridge.

Cycle and pedestrian path

The Union of Municipalities in Valmarecchia has entrusted Apiustudio S.r.l. with the project of the “Cycling and pedestrian path Valle del Marecchia” for the creation of connecting links and the extension of the cycling and pedestrian path crossing several municipalities in Valmarecchia.