Edition 13

Muted tones,
soft lines

Is it better to take a tour around the eight mountains or reach the top of mount sumeru?

There are countless definitions of the true meaning of “home.” From the Arab proverb “Happiness is not a place to get to, but a home to return to” to the Tibetan proverb “Home is where you’re happy” to Ralph Waldo Emerson’s: “A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams”.

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Two realities for two different services: Apiustudio and dream design

In this number we are going to talk once again about interior design. “Despite the fact Apiustudio is dealing with complex projects, worth from 500 thousand to two and a half million euros, we are not intending to abandon the twenty years’ experience our studio has gained in the field of interior design – Roberta Franchini and Daniele Bianchi, architects from Apiustudio explain.

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At home with Irene e Fabrizio

How did you get to know about apiustudio? “We met because my husband ran in the New York marathon together with Daniele (Bianchi, editor’s note) and Roberta (Franchini, editor’s note). A friendship was born between them while they were running.

At home with Lorenzo

This project forms part of the collaboration Costruzioni San Martino: Lorenzo purchased one of the flats inside the Planet residence and asked Dream Design to take care of its personalisation.

At home with Michela

Michela is currently living abroad, but has chosen Rimini as her next city of residence. She has already purchased a house in Federico Fellini’s hometown.