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New life
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Power to the imagination!

“We define them as dreamers. Often, they are innovators, men and women who, thanks to their imagination paint a possible future reality. Think about thev visionary works of Jules Gabriel Verne (1828-1905) who, starting from the assumption that “anything a man can imagine, other men can turn into reality”, predicted and described many scientific discoveries in the 20° century.

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Together with real estate developers to make your home unique

In the Anglo Saxon real estate market, exists a figure who is responsible for “the development”. He is the developer, in Italy more generally known as the “building contractor”.

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At the home  with Irene & Fabrizio

Irene and Fabrizio’s flat is located in the Rémin House Residence, and was built by Costruzioni San Martino a stone’s throw away from the town centre in Rimini. “We took care of the internal redistribution”– say architects Roberta Franchini and Daniele Bianchi.

Planet Residence

What are the practical sides of the collaboration between Dream Design and San Martino Costruzioni? Let’s take the concept for one of the attics in the Planet Residence as an example.

Life House Residence

A second example is related to the Life House Residence, which comprises ten flats of three typologies, repeated on the four floors the building is developed on. “In this case we created three different concepts which cover all the ten flats in the building.