The Dream Book

The Dream Book

The book that collects the first ten issues

“The Book” was born in the summer of 2019 to build a standard for the designing method Apiùstudio has been implementing for some years now, a method which allows even non-technicians to read designs and projects. 

“We realised –Roberta Franchini and Daniele Bianchi say– that while floor plans, sections, perspective drawings and renderings which translate technical designs, were clearly readable to us architects, who use these tools on a daily basis, several of our clients had difficulty in imagining their home from a piece of white paper. That is where objections on their part arose from, such as “that  piece of furniture won’t fit in there, that bathroom won’t fit there etc…;” we obviously knew that the space instead would be sufficient and that solution would work and eventually, seeing as the clients still trusted our experience and professionalism, they complimented us and said: “you were right, the space is well divided, it works.”

We then tried to create a language which could be understood by everyone eliminating, where possible, all the technical elements. The concept is like a musical score: if you know the rules of descriptive geometry you know how to read it. So, we tried to simplify technical drawings turning them into furnished floor plans which could be associated one hundred percent to a three-dimensional image. If we add design objects to a render and a floor plan with a description of the colours and materials, the reading becomes more immediate and thus reassuring for the client .” 

The next step was to think of a way to turn this approach into a magazine. “Knowing that many non-professionals purchase furniture magazines, the challenge we set for ourselves was: to create a magazine to talk about our projects, enriching it with articles, images and covers which intrigue, relying on professionals capable of taking care of every single detail. And here we are with this collection of the first ten issues. We are amazed at the thought that our idea has been translated into a magazine you can fit in a bag and leaf through, and now also a book.” In the last two and a half years “The Book” has undergone an evolution which has led to presenting the latest issues in both Italian and English. 

“After the first three issues, which came out before January 2020, Covid came along, changing the world. We wanted this change to be featured on the cover of issue No. 4, published in full lockdown with an apocalyptic image. No. 5 (July-August-September 2020) was dedicated to the introduction of superbonus; our attention then shifted to energy thrift and energy efficiency. No. 6 came out during the second wave of the pandemic, which led to renewed great uncertainty about the future. That is where the choice for No. 7 came from, with reflections on heroes past and present, and the desire to look to the future with hope; and the projects described in it also narrate this desire to focus on better things. On the covers of the following three issues, from No. 8 to No. 10, we wanted to reclaim our being Riminese because not only are we part of an entrepreneurial network, but throughout history we have always looked to the future with hope. As we live in a world characterised by globalisation, we have added an international dimension side by side to being Riminese, proposing texts in both Italian and English. 

Also because, we deal increasingly with clients living abroad who do not speak Italian. We like the parallel, an extremely humble one,with Federico Fellini, who starting from our hometown Rimini became a well-known personality all over the world. We also want to tell the world about our uniqueness and our roots. Having leafed through the Maestro’s “book of dreams” time and time again and seeing as our quarterly magazine is called “The Book”, the choice for the title of this collection was immediate: “The Dream Book.” In the last two and a half years the world has changed: we have decided to stop, take stock of the situation, look backwards to reconsider under a different light where we started from and think about where we want to go. “The Dream Book” is an editorial product in itself, which aims at celebrating this new adventure.”